»Evolution of sound & shape through the concept of music sculpture«

Researching the primal vibrations using steel and vinyl as a mean of sound diffusion. Blending the artwork of high design with omnidirectional sound experience.

the shape defines the experience

Adding space to sound

The concept was born as a result of »sound orientation«. The intent was to present sound as something broad and pervasive. Understanding that directional sound sources are “self-restraint” in space and time, hence omni directionality as a good alternative. Ex. “horse blinkers that guides the horse only straight forward masking the side view of landscape”, replacing respectively less or almost unused all-directional approach of sound reproduction.

360° diffusion

With the homogeneous sound expansion in space we gain a perception of virtual but also actual sound enhancement. This method allows the user freedom of movement without data loss in the middle and higher frequency range. Motion changes from “restricted” to spatial. Therefore, through the expansion of sound the interpretation of unrestricted freedom and movement in the otherwise limited sweet spot area, can be equated to the system in which we actually live.

The era of Tesla

EVOLUTA comes from Latin meaning “development” or exponential curve, which is represented by the conical sound diffuser which gives the impression of concentrated mass of vinyl records, taking us back to 1930’s.

Perception challenge

Two musical sculptures represent a unique experience in space and time.

The specific form of the diffuser results in an unusual pattern of sound radiation, giving the listener an unknown feeling. As for the brain center for spatial recognition is not accustomed to. The perception of the exposed is as if music was spreading through the center of the head and not from ear sides as it we are accustomed to with conventional loud speakers.

At this stage we can experience musical reincarnation – sound nirvana.


Steel & 3D print vinyl

25 kg/each


Omnidirectional pattern
2-way concentric bass reflex
Frequency response:
42 – 25.000 Hz | 8ohm
Short Term Power Handling:
220 Watts
Long Term Power Handling:
80 Watts
Characteristic Sensitivity:
(2.83V, 1m) 87 dB
Internal volume:
12 liters


Height: 113 cm
Wide: 19 cm
Depth: 31 cm

Discover the Symphony of iron and vinyl

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Konceptual srls
Aurisina Cave 11b | 34011 Duino-Aurisina |Trieste – Italy – EU

The music sculptures design and sound research was developed
by SAE audio engineer Marko Zigon.

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